I’ve been keeping a journal regularly for about 20 years. I started it as a way to get in the habit of writing daily, and I never stopped.

Recently, I got a great idea from the musician (and multi-talented creative person) Sara Hickman. She mentioned in passing that she “co-journals” with various people, including her husband, a 7-year-old, and a group of people.

The idea stayed with me, and now I’d like to start my own “co-journals” with others. If you’d like to participate, get in touch via my contact page. I need to know:

Would you like to co-journal with only me or are you open to journaling with a group?

Do you have any limitations? (For instance, does it need to be appropriate for certain ages, or do you want to co-journal with only women, etc.)

I don’t envision many requirements. There are no page restrictions or time limits, but I do want to keep the journals moving from person to person if they’re traveling among groups. I will start them off, but if you participate, you agree to mail the journal to the next person in the group and let me know when you do so I can keep track of where the journals are.

That’s it. If you’d like to try out this project with me, get in touch!