Email Series: (Copywriter)

My client needed a recruitment email series for undergraduate students, and they created an annual campaign to target new members. Here is one sample email from that series. I interviewed the student and used our conversation to adapt her story and voice for this email.

Hi, Yvonne,

My name is Ayesha Assad, and I’m the campus ambassador for the Forté Foundation at the University of Toronto. You entered the Forté #NetworkLikeaBoss giveaway on Her Campus a few weeks ago.

You might be wondering, “What’s Forté and how can Forté help me?” Well, Forté has been invaluable for me. I think it should be on all campuses. But not everyone realizes how helpful it can be for them, regardless of major. So why should you join Forté?

I’ll tell you the same thing I tell my friends when they ask. Forté opens doors. You make so many great connections with different people and different companies. You learn things you can apply to any industry, like how to market yourself.

Here’s my four-step guide to getting everything you need from Forté resources:

  1. Visit the website and read their vision and mission. (I think you should do this with any organization.)
  2. Update your free college membership. Then you can access additional information and build relationships with existing Forté Foundation members. You will also get access to their job board where you can apply to available positions
  3. Attend the webinars. They’re about women’s empowerment and having more women in the career force. The presenters all have a different story, and the webinars really have learning lessons in them. For instance, there was a great webinar about how to brand yourself professionally and personally.
  4. Go to a College to Business Leadership Conference. You’ll meet so many inspirational women. After the conference I attended in 2016, I came back inspired and motivated to work. I’m still in touch with the people I met there, and we introduce each other to opportunities or just catch up.

After you update your Forté membership (including your anticipated grad year, school, and major), you’ll get access to all of these resources, which are completely free! Whether or not you want to study business, you can apply what you learn from Forté to any field you pursue.

I hope to see you around the Forté community.

Ayesha Assad Ayesha Assad
Campus Ambassador
University of Toronto
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The Forté Foundation’s Be a Boss campaign is created in collaboration with the Graduate Management Admission Council®, creators of the GMAT®. We appreciate their ongoing commitment to the next generation of female leaders.

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